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Bmp Nutrio

How it all began…


Bmp Nutrio is a manufacturing part of Biomarket plus system that has been in the health food business since 2007.

We embarked on an adventure called production for the sake of expressing ourselves, and presenting our understanding of healthy food on the go.

We produce and market tasty sandwiches, unleavened breads, raw and dessert bars, crackers and cookies.

We apply the latest production standards and technologies, with a particular focus on the selection of premium raw materials.


We have built a unique system of ordering and delivery of products (twice a week on the territory of Belgrade), which enables us to communicate effectively with customers and respond quickly to changes in the market. We firmly believe that by understanding and responding to change, we can continuously provide our customers with nutritionally rich products of superior taste at optimal prices.

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What our partners say about us

It’s a pleasure working with Nutrio crew.

Mira – Biomarket

The products are best sellers. I’m just ordering a new batch for the shop.

Ana – Niš

There’s always room for improvement, but, so far, we’re very happy.

Brana – Storck

Our team

nas tim petar

Petar Marković

Head of production and co-owner. Creator of our products’ taste and smell.

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Milica Savić

Deputy head of production with excessive energy.

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Our ladies

The crew:-)