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Let’s play.

What’s art? Is any creation art? Does work equal art? Is it allowed to think this way? Are we going to fail if we view our work as art? As play.

Petar says that art knows no limits. Vedram thinks that everything in life is play.

What do you think? Art = work = play?

Let’s find out! Let’s play and create.

Welcome to Guncati, to Sumadija.

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Raw products suitable for fasting diet

We produce premium dessert bars and raw bars, unleavened and premium breads, sandwiches suitable for fasting diet…

High-quality ingredients

Anica Batinić

Over 250 beehives

Honey from Banat

Busy as a bee

“To all future female beekeepers, I advise to be persistent and to fight for their place in this work dominated by men. I think they won’t regret it, because this work will allow them to decide on their own business and to be economically independent.”

anica batinic

Fidelinka starch

Established in 1886

High-quality wheat gluten

Over 90% of products

are exported<

Fidelinka Skrob doo has a certified international standard ISO 9001: 2008, as well as HACCP, while implementation of Kosher and Halal is underway. In keeping with the modern food trends, their main goal is to deliver a product which have preserved all its nutritional value.




Seven-layer foil

Inert gas

Double weldr

… and our ancestors’ recipes.

These are the reasons our unleavened

breads stay fresh even after 10 days.



High-quality ingredients

Up to 40% nuts

Raw, raw, raw

Ancient tastes in new way

… spice of love.

These are the reasons our energy

bars are so delicious and healthy.




Trusted suppliers

Craft expertise

Ancestors’ experience

… and a splash of magic.

No success is possible

without standards.